October 21, 2020

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    2018 Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus

    Audi will gradually resume production at its plants in Europe in the coming weeks, the automaker said in a press release.

    The company temporarily halted production at its European sites in mid-March because of the supply bottlenecks and a decline in demand because of the coronavirus pandemic.

    According to the release, the upcoming regulated resumption in the worldwide Audi production network together with providers and service providers will be coordinated with the Volkswagen.

    “Vehicle production at the Audi sites will be gradually ramped up from the end of April onwards according to a fixed plan. Engine production in Győr already started gradually ramping up again this week,” the release said.

    “We will manage the restart as a joint European act,” stated Peter Kössler, Board of Management Member for Production.

    “The focus is on the workers because they need a safe working environment. Audi teams of experts have therefore adapted processes with a view to health protection in consultation with the specialist departments and works councils. I would like to thank all Audi workers and our partners around the world for their flexibility and joint efforts in times like these,” he added.

    Managers of production sections and groups, along with experts from occupational safety, health care, industrial engineering and the works council, have detailed employee safety measures.

    This includes, for example, clear regulations on distance and hygiene, a modified shift system to avoid contact, and the requirement to use mouth and nose protection in areas where distances of 1.5 meters would be either too hard or impossible. The company has also made physical barriers at critical workplaces.

    Coronavirus has so far infected more than 1,143,786 people in Europe and killed more than 101,804 people in the continent.


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