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Audi meets Mexican officials following plant dispute

German automaker Audi said on Monday it was ready for Mexican officials to audit its plant located in the central state of Puebla after holding talks with state and municipal officials after a dispute over bill payments last week.

In a statement, the automaker said it would hand over in full the documentation requested at Monday’s meeting, and that its plant located in the municipality of San Jose Chiapa would be open to an audit whenever officials wanted.

It did not mention what the documents were.

Regional media said last week that San Jose Chiapa was seeking some 90 million pesos ($4.25 million) in unpaid bills from the automaker and that officials tried to close the plant on Friday evening. Audi responded by saying it was meeting its obligations.

Puebla Governor Miguel Barbosa stated that a commission would be set up to determine what rights were due to municipal officials and to establish what companies had to pay under the law.

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