Audi Quattro S1 Car Is Very Cheap Price Comparing To Other Branded Cars

The Audi Quattro S1 car is a road rally car. It is a part of Volkswagen group and produced by German automobile manufacturer Audi. The price of this car in Britain and Germany has announced. Price is not much high comparing to German flagship car. This car has 3 doors and five doors are also available. It is powered by 2 liter turbo engine. The price of the 3 doors S1 starts from €29,950 and the 5 doors S1 starts from €30,800. The wheels are 17 inch and tires are 215\4Q R17, tires are very small so for better traction 18 inch rims are optional.

The Quattro car is not only cheap but it has many features like LED taillights, adaptive suspension, cool new xenon headlights, WiFi hotspot, Bose speakers, and MMI navigation plus. The Audi S1 is a real competitor for other cars and it has come from MINI John coopers work. The old model car is available in Germany for €29,500.

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