Australia new vehicle sales higher in January

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Australian new vehicle sales were higher in January, preserving the momentum of 2015’s record speed as purchasers continued to flock to sport utility vehicles.

The Australian Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries’ VFACTS report revealed 84,910 new automobiles were sold in January, rise of 0.6 percent on the same month in 2016. Some 1.178 million automobiles were sold in 2016, an all-time high.

Private buyers went back to the market in force, taking 7.7 percent more SUVs compared to January last year, as companies and government sales drew back.

“Coming off the back of another record sales year, we’re pleased to see a modest gain, with private buyers active in the market,” stated FCAI CEO, Tony Weber.

Overall sales of SUVs were increased 3.2 percent on 2016, where as passenger cars dropped 0.8 percent continuing a long-running switch in between the two.

Sales of light commercial automobiles dropped 3.9 percent after a run of strong months, while sales in the heavy vehicle market leapt 20.9 percent.

Toyota Motor retained first place on the sales ladder however with a decreased share of 14.8 percent. On the other hand, Mazda Motor had a barnstorming month to take 11.9 percent of the market.

The Holden unit of General Motors ranked third with 8.5 percent, topping Hyundai Motor at 7.9 percent. 7.0 percent of the market was of Ford Motor.

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