Australian Police Gets A Porsche Panamera

Police cars are always fast and agile, and this time the Australian Police, infact The New South Wales Police force seems to agree to that point because Porsche Cars Australia (PCA), just delivered the meanest Porsche, the Porsche Panamera, to the police force of Australia, and with that they conveyed the message that if you want look cool with a possibly expensive machine- you need to be a Cop!

This car is a aprt of NSW(New South Wales) Police force as part of it expanding its corporate social responsibility program. This car will be with the Force for Six months loan period, and after that six months period if they are contended with the car, six more months will be provided to them to keep the car.

“Porsche has a strong community spirit and we are proud to work with the NSW Police on this initiative,” Porsche Cars Australia Managing Director, Michael Winkler, said, he also added “This is the first time we’ve made available a Porsche to any police force in Australia and the curiosity factor alone of a Panamera in police decals should help the NSW Police achieve awareness and engage people in its community programs.”

This Porsche is plastered in blue chequers, sporting a light bar, and this car would zoom upto 259 km/h, the engine remains a V6 delivering the 220kW/400Nm and comes with a price tag of $201,400, there is plenty of place in the trunk, to keep their guns, and medical equipment too.

The Porsche Panamera of the Police would be at the Harbourside Local area Command Crime Management Unit in Sydney’s north, as well as it will be used in police’s promotional activities too, and this car wont be used to catch any culprit.

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