October 26, 2020

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    As city populations expand, as transit systems end up being more connected and as the smartphone ends up being much more central to the average individual’s every day life, more vehicle companies are going to begin moving away from building vehicles and start welcoming vehicle sharing and other mobility services instead.

    Daimler’s Car2go vehicle sharing service today hit the 2 million consumer milestone. The very first international free-floating service of its type when it released back in 2009, it is now a worldwide brand.

    Volkswagen confirmed that it will be introducing a mobility service before the end of this year, it will combine ride-hailing and vehicle sharing and could eventually lead to self-driving shuttle services.

    Furthermore, Peugeot and Citroen outlined ambitious goals for its nascent services that are intended at people and companies alike which will utilize bicycles along with automobile sharing, under the ‘Free2Move’ brand.

    “Free2Move serves the freedom of movement to our consumers,” said Grégoire Olivier, Executive Vice-President of Mobility services for PSA Group. “Mobility implies not just making and offering outstanding vehicles however also using a full series of mobility solutions.”

    As per brand-new Frost and Sullivan data published this week, vehicle sharing services are anticipated to boast a combined 36 million subscribers by 2025 up from 7.9 million in last year. And as transit systems become a lot more connected and integrated, the growth will speed up.


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