Autonomous Peugeot 3008 to begin tests this year

peugeot 3008 images

PSA starts this fall with the first tests of autonomous cars. In Singapore, a fleet of self-driving Peugeot 3008s makes the way to test out the units.

Thousands of fully autonomous driving cars in different cities around the world, that is the goal that PSA has set for itself. The company has therefore partnered with NuTonomy, a technology company dedicated to driving autonomously. Since the beginning of last year, the company is working on software for autonomously moving cars. Singapore started a fleet of self-driving cars. In addition, the company also operates a taxi service with autonomous cars.

Now the Peugeot 3008 is added to NuTonomy’s fleet. The car is geared up with other software, computers and also with a huge number of sensors. In September, the first specimens have to drive independently in Singapore. No, not on public roads, but on a large test sites set up by the Singapore Land Transport Authority. For example, the country is testing all possible mobility solutions, including autonomous driving. For the time being, you do not have to expect the technology in the showroom. PSA, however, works on more autonomous techniques, but as with other car manufacturers, they will gradually be stopped in the models.

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