Autopilot is being blamed again for the crash of a Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S autopilot crash

Like before, a Tesla has been involved in an accident, and we don’t think it will it be the last. One feature that takes place to accompany many of these mishaps is that autopilot, and it was reportedly engaged at some point prior to the occurrence of mishap. This specific accident does not stray from that pattern, as a motorist declares his Model S lost control after having auto-pilot triggered in his 2016 Tesla Model S.

During the weekend in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, a Model S ended up on its roof in a marsh with a motorist and four other occupants in the vehicle according to reports made by a regional news station. Everybody made it out safe and sound, the good news is only sustaining minor injuries. Exactly what takes place to be interesting about this specific crash is that the owner is supposedly blaming his Model S’ auto-pilot function for causing the accident entirely. The mishap occured at a “T” intersection where the Tesla would require to make either a left or right turn. The car then supposedly diverted off of the road and turned over into the marsh.

We are happy that the driver and passengers are alright.

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  1. Driver later retracted the autopilot claim

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