Behold the 2015 BMW Z4 GTLM Edition!

If you remember correctly, the luxury German automaker, BMW, recently made an announcement about a Le Mans edition vehicle model. At some earlier points this week, the company hinted that it would reveal the 2015 model year Z4 GTLM edition. Now, the company has actually kept its words and has finally fully revealed the vehicle model in question.

If you pay close attention to the adjacent official images of the car, you will be able to notice that it actually comes with racing stripes/livery inspired by the 1975 model year BMW 3.0 CSL model. What does this mean then? Well, it means that the luxury German marquee is using the vehicle to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the BMW Motorsport division successfully achieving its first victory ever at the Sebring circuit.

According to reports, there will be not one but two examples of the 2015 BMW Z4 GTLM that will wear this special racing livery. These two examples of the vehicle model in question will be coming from the BMW Team RLL. The cars will be wearing the racing livery in question the moment the 63rd 12-hour endurance race of Sebring takes place. The event, by the way, is slated for kick-off on March 21, 2015.

The 2015 BMW Z4 GTLM special edition model made its premiere at this year’s Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance event. In the event, winners of the 1975 race season were also invited. They were Brian Redman, Hans-Joachim Stuck and also Sam Posey. In addition to these three winners of the 1975 racing season, other guests to the event consisted of Jens Marquardt, the BMW Motorsport Director, and Jochen Neerpasch, the first ever managing director of the BMW Motorsport GmbH. Last but not least, it was Bill Auberlen, the present driver of the BMW Team RLL, that received the honor of driving the special edition Z4 for the first demonstration laps.

2015 BMW Z4 GTLM

2015 BMW Z4 GTLM-1

2015 BMW Z4 GTLM-2

2015 BMW Z4 GTLM-3

2015 BMW Z4 GTLM-4

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