October 29, 2020

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    If you remember correctly, long ago, there was the movie ‘Viper’ that featured a Dodge Viper with an ability to change its exterior body panel. Well, back then, it was an impossible technology to realize so we could only see such a thing in the movie. However, it seems that the automaker Skoda has actually figured out a way to make such a technology a reality. Believe it or not, the company has already registered a new technology patent. Known as the ShadeChange, this technology will be available only for the company’s supermini vehicle model, the Fabia.

    Acquired by the German automaker Volkswagen, the Czech automaker in question is currently offering a wide array of personalization options for its latest Fabia supermini, which is in its third generation. These personalization options include dashboard pictures and a lot of other stuffs. However, one of the most interesting elements is, of course, the ShadeChange option. Costing GBP500 in total, this technology will make it possible for owners of the 3rd generation Skoda Fabia to alter the colors on the body panels of the vehicle. The operation is very easy as well. Owners will only have to choose the colors from the integrated infotainment system that features a touchscreen display.

    Judging by the adjacent image, the new Fabia supermini from the Czech automotive marquee can have different hue for different body panels. Unlike other vehicles, these body panels have been coated with a microscopic unobtainium layer which, according to Skoda, is the first in the world. Thanks to this new element in particular, owners of the next generation Skoda Fabia will be able to change the colors of their vehicle only by applying a small electrical charge to the body panels. And, if those are not enough, owners of the car can also paint the wheels in a number of colors to personalize the car even further. Amazingly, all those color changes can be done while the car is mobile.

    Skoda claims that its ShadeChange technology is now in the final phase of development and that it will be available pretty soon.


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