BMW 135i ///MR Edition: Official Info and Specs

The BMW 135i ///MR Edition received a few upgrades, in which we can count a new set of 19 inch Breyton wheels, an AC Schnitzer strut brace, new twin-turbos and the BMW Performance Sport steering wheel replaced the stock M-Power package steering wheel.

What is most important and also most obvious of this change is the complete new wheel set Breyton RACE GTS from wheel specialist Breyton, which are colored in black and are sized 8.5×19 inch for all four wheels. The rubber fitted to the rims are Hankook S1-EVO 91 Y XL Extra load tyres sizing 235/35ZR19.

In order to accompany a more sporty rive and to improve ride quality the stock suspension setup and wheel alignment have been changed. The camber has been increased on the front and rear wheels to improve stability and cornering abilities. These adjustments were made by the specialists at Jan Steverink Tire center who managed to create a great setup by adjusting the struts and installing an AC Schnitzer strut brace under the hood of 135i.

Also, the BMW Performance Sport steering wheel includes one OLED and two LED displays, with keys on the thumbrests activating three modes: Sport with a stopwatch, consumption and g-meter, EfficientDynamics for a fuel-saving drive, and Race with a stopwatch for lap times and acceleration measurements (e.g. a 0–100km/h sprint).

Source: GTSpirit

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