BMW 750i xDrive that was stolen from the Detroit Auto Show traced by police

The $95,000, BMW 750i xDrive that had been stolen from the 2011 Detroit Auto Show has been found. The location at which the car was found was the gated apartment complex near Telegraph and Glendale Street, in Detroit’s West Side. The steal had received wide publicity in the media and that probably is the reason why the miscreants left the car for good even though they had managed to disconnect the tracking system that was inbuilt in the car. Further processing in now going on by the authorities.

The particular unit was being used by the BMW officials to show of the car to the press at the Detroit motor show. The handler had committed the blunder of leaving the car unattended while the keys were yet in it. And in that short span of time, miscreants sped away with the car and even hack off the GPS tracking device.

Source: carscoop

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