October 28, 2020

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    No matter what their intensions are, BMW is playing cat and mouse with the sentiments of the auto fans by launching and withdrawing plans for a new M1. A few years ago BMW launched the M1 Hommage concept car which according to many was ready to go to production after taking into consideration the mind blowing feedback it received. However all the anticipation was dashed to pieces with an official announcement from BMW which said they have no plans to put the M1 to production. Now it is being said that a production version of the BMW M1 supercar is on the cards once again.

    According to what is being said, the new vehicle will be called the M-One for now because it will be the first of the new generation BMWs and will be an independent vehicle in that it won’t be based on any of the existing BMW models. There are a lot of stray talks doing the rounds though the only development so far it seems is nothing more than a few sketches drawn up. So the actual car in flesh and blood is not expected to be ready for lunch, if at all that happens before 2015. Apart from that, there are also rumors of a new M6 V8 engine or a radical I6 powering the new M-One which when ready can turn out to be a serious competitor for models like the Mercedes SLS or the Audi R8.

    More details that are coming in the rumor mill tell us that the M-One supercar will be built on a carbon fiber chassis and will include a collection of technologies that are already being used on recent concepts. The sketches that are coming up apparently show a design that combines the look of Vision Connected Drive and the i8. To judge reaction from the industry, BMW has added a roof and a higher windscreen.

    This is great news if it is true but we would not advise anyone to get excited just yet.

    Source: topspeed

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