Mazda RX-9 to feature Toyota hybrid technology

Mazda RX-9 which is scheduled to be launched in late 2013 is believed to be a very complex sports car that will have a hybrid version of the Renesis engine that was junked along with the RX-8. According to what the Motor Trend says Mazda will borrow Toyota’s hybrid technology to meet its targets. This statement holds water as it is supported by the 2011 agreement between Mazda and Toyota. It was said that the first car that will use the borrowed technology would be released in 2013.

As per Motor Trend, Mazda is actually planning a sports coupe that will use a conventional arrangement instead of getting the reverse-opening rear doors.

The fact that the model will share its platform with the MX-5 indicates that the car is going to be the first rear-wheel drive hybrid sports car ever to be produced that is targeted for the mass market. According to a source the next rotary car would have higher fuel economy and lesser emissions and will also be a lot smaller and lighter. He informed that it will get launched in late 2013.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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  1. This as all untrue Internet speculation…

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