BMW to Open a Performance Center in La Quinta, California

One of the world’s top-notch car manufacturers, the Germany-based BMW, has recently made an official announcement in regards to its plan of opening a new performance center. According to the automaker, the construction of the performance center will take place in the vicinity of La Quinta, California. The German automaker also unveils that it plans for the center to finish construction and open its doors to the public by this year itself. So now, the question is what this center can possibly offer to the loyal BMW customers.

Well, as reported by the German automaker, its new Performance Center West will sport a dedicated training facility as well as a dedicated road course. In addition to those stuffs, there will also be a number of full complement courses in terms of performance driving. The automaker has revealed its plan to open the BMW Teen Driving Schools in addition to the BMW M Schools.

The imminent BMW Performance Center West at La Quinta, California, will prove to be quite a huge performance center. It is going to cover a land area measuring 32 acres in total. Inside such a huge facility, customers will be able to expect a road course measuring at least 1.4 miles in length, no less than 6.2 acres of paddock, a performance facility that measures no less than 8,500 square feet and also a skid pad.

According to the latest report obtained from the BMW division in charge of the company’s sales in the United States of America, this new performance center by the Germany-based luxury car manufacturer will have its location installed within the Thermal Club. The latter has luxury concierge services, luxury garage villas for private members and even a racing circuit as well, measuring up to 5.5 miles long. As such, this will be one of the biggest performance centers the world has ever seen.

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