BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics part of Mission Impossible 4

Mission Impossible franchise is in its fourth installment. The film right now is being shot and there are already conjectures flying around in the air. And the air is already hanging heavy with rumors of all the cars that are going to be part of the movie, sharing screen space with Mr. Tom Cruise.

The fourth edition in the Mission Impossible series is having a tagline: The Ghost Protocol. It was conjured up few months back that the all new BMW 6 Series sedan will apparently be part of MI4. But that seems nullified in the present scenario though there are likely to be much more interesting stuffs that’s coming our way. The latest scoop that has hit the tympanum is that a new member from the BMW family has been noticed at the location of shooting of the film, which incidentally was in Mumbai, India. The vehicle that is stirring up rumors is supposedly built on the brilliantly stupendous concept of Vision Efficient Dynamics.

However, it is still a matter of doubt as to how exactly BMW’s ultra futuristic concept fits in the script, if at all it does. But then, now that we have got a glimpse of the Vision Efficient Dynamics concept engaged in the shooting of the film, lets just hope and pray we get to see a lot more of the car in the final production version of the film. Of course, its not just a mere cameo that people want in the movie, they expect a whole lot more of the car than just a guest appearance, creating magic and setting the screen ablaze.

Source: topspeed

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