BMW’s new baby-roadster concept to make it to Geneva

The first concept version of the long rumored baby BMW model would be seen at the Geneva Motor Show, scheduled in March. It would take on the production version Volkswagen Bluesport. At the launch event of the 650i Convertible, BMW made this announcement of its baby model. They have also added that the concept model would not make it to production but would be instrumental in inspiring the future BMW roadster models to come.

Some wild styling themes are expected on the new concept car. There could be overlapping exterior panels, a large scoop on one side of the bonnet, rear power bulges and exterior lighting highlights that can change color. The concept is also expected to come with retractable doors much like that on the BMW Z1 model. The other features that could be expected are Vision Efficient Dynamics hybrid concept and will include car-to-car communication, real-time navigation and the latest sensor technology for accident avoidance.

Most likely choice of engine for the concept would be a 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine. The production model if ever would however have a 1.6 liter engine. In case the production version does come to play it would be in late 2012 and would thereafter be followed by a Coupe version.

Source: topspeed

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