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Bugatti EB110 crashes in Moscow during supercar parade

Bugatti EB110Bugatti EB110 is a mid-engined supercar built to celebrate 110 years of Ettore Bugatti. It was unveiled in 1991 and only 139 were built.

This four-wheel drive supercar features a mid-engined 3.5-liter quad-turbo V12 that develops 542 horsepower.

0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) takes 3.4 seconds, top speed is 343 km/h (213 mph). EB110 is a successor to the 1001 horsepower Veyron.

It looks like there is one less EB110 now on the road as one of the cars crashed during supercar parade in Moscow. In the video below you can see how one of the wheels flies up into the air, rear bumper is also partially torn off opening one of the doors. Thankfully the driver and his “supermodel girlfriend” were not injured.

via: the wheel deal

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