Bugatti Grand Sport Is A Distinct Model Of Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti model sports car is known for their open top models. There are very few models available in the variant of sports car that has open tops. The latest model in Bugatti is Bugatti Grand Sport, which is the variant of the 2013 model Bugatti Veyron. Price of this car is quite higher, that only richest of rich people can only afford to own this car. All stylish features are included in this car to give it a royal look.

Aerodynamic design of this car allows its driver to go to top speed without any hassle. The top speed of Bugatti Grand Sport is amazing, which is around 253 miles per hour. An interesting fact about this car is that totally not more than 150 cars are available throughout the world.

There will be a competition among millionaires all over the world to acquire one of the rarest species of car.

Have a look at picture gallery.

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