Car Designer Warns on Google, Apple

The days of happy and economical automobiles like the Honda Civic as well as Toyota Corolla might be numbered as innovation companies Google as well as Apple muscle right into the car market, and change the method people own and also drive cars.

That has been told by Ken Okuyama, high-end Japanese designer of the Ferrari F60 Enzo and Porsche Boxster, he states that game-changing self-drive modern technology might intimidate Japan’s placement as a major auto manufacturer.

“If they do not look out, they risk becoming merely distributors to those (tech) companies,” Okuyama told Reuters in an interview at his commercial style workshop in the Japanese resources ahead of today’s Tokyo motor Show.

Google’s fleet of self-driving vehicles consists of a modified variation of Toyota’s Lexus sport utility vehicles, along with the pod-like, driverless Google Car prototype, both which are being road-tested in the United States. Apple could turn out a self-driving automobile in 2019.

Honda, which on Tuesday stated it was creating a brand-new automated setting to be utilized in congested web traffic, and modern technology to pre-programme cars to drive immediately, acknowledged the potential hazard from tech companies in the future.

“At this moment, whether Google or Apple could come up with a vehicle is vague,” stated Koichi Fukuo, head of state of research and development at Honda. “Yet they are spending strongly to attract people to accomplish that as well as in that sense … we can’t rule out the opportunity they might eventually come to be a rival.”

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