September 25, 2020

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    Car drove through Black Lives Matter protest in Aurora, Colorado

    A car drove through a crowd and a protester was shot in the Denver suburb in Aurora, Colorado during the protests.

    The Aurora Police Department wrote on Twitter that protesters were walking on Interstate 225 Saturday when a vehicle drove through the protests. Police said a protester fired a weapon, striking at least one person who was soon admitted to a hospital. The person is in stable condition.

    Authorities said the vehicle was towed and they are probing. Protesters also broke windows at the courthouse and a fire was started in an office. An unlawful assembly was declared and police ordered protesters to leave the area, officials said.

    Tensions have been heightened at recent protests since federal officials were sent to stop riots in Portland, Oregon. Police declared a riot in Seattle on Saturday.

    Riots and demonstrations have spread throughout the United States since May 2020 after a cop was caught on tape with his knee on the neck of a man later identified as George Floyd.


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