Caring For Your Car In Deepest Darkest Winter

car in dark winter

December? It’s an over-rated winter month. Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t actually mean it’s that cold. Between January and February? That’s when you must watch out. The science of all is quite simple – just because the Winter solstice is in December doesn’t actually have anything to do with how cold it is! It’s called seasonal delay and there’s an amazing amount of information on the subject.

This means, as a car owner that right now is the time you should be looking out for your car and that the care of your car in the next few weeks is going to be crucial. Ice and snow are around the corner right now and if you’re focused on cruising through to spring – then you could be caught right out.

Your car needs care all of the time, but winter can bring some serious hazards to your vehicle. Here are some tips to keep your car working through rain, shine, and snow.

Firstly – keep your car’s radiator topped up so the car can regulate its own internal temperature. This is of crucial importance in any month, let alone winter. However, in winter – you might want to add a little bit of antifreeze to stop the cooling liquids from freezing. It is a good idea to keep coolant in your car ready so you can refill the cooling systems when needed. It’s also worth taking your car into an auto repair site for a check up before problems arise. Problems in summer months can be a hassle, but issues that come about in the winter can be an absolute nightmare. Take care with driving as well – there’s no cure for road rage just yet.

The winter can bring terrible snowstorms – you should pack a shovel in the boot of your car for when the worst comes to the worst. It’s not uncommon for snow to build up around parked cars either, of course. A shovel can save you from some real headaches in the winter months.

The interior of your car is going to take a battering in winter – cold and mucky shoes and damp coats are going to wreak havoc on the usually pristine interior of your vehicle. Give your windows a good polish and clean out the mats, seats and doors of your car on a regular basis to ensure that you’re at least comfortable during your winter ride. Also, who wants dirt in their car?

Like the radiator, you should consider looking at the oil of your car. In the winter, dirt is more commonplace, and it can get into the interior of your car – including the oil. This can make it sludgy and dirty, and considering that the oil works to lubricate your engine – ignoring the oil is a bad idea.

Winter is also going to bring slippy roads because of ice, sleet, and rain. Make sure your tyres are in top condition so you can keep driving safely. If snow is a serious problem in your area, consider attaching snow chains to your vehicle.

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