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Cheapcarinsurance.net Launches Its 25 Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance Page

ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Cheapcarinsurance.net has always been an insurance site with helpful information; however they have also taken customer feedback very seriously. They originally started with a page that gave three very helpful tips on how to get cheap car insurance, such as raising your deductible and asking for discounts. However, customers and visitors to the site wanted to know more ways to bring down their rates in 2010. So Cheapcarinsurance.net has now compiled a list of 25 ways and there is no fluff.
“People are initially surprised at all the ways they can decrease their insurance rates,” says Anthony King, who has been with the company since it started in Florida in the 1990s. “We get people asking us on an almost daily basis why we would give free info away when they could just use it at a competing insurance company. We always respond that we continue to remember we started as a helpful resource first then branched into actually providing quotes. We’ll never stop giving away free information and this is one of our biggest selling points.”
Consumers continue to scour the web for ways to bring down their expenses and insurance is usually one of the first expenses to be targeted. However, insurance is one of the most profitable industries in the World and insurance companies are mostly reluctant to give a comprehensive list of ways to decrease rates as that usually means decreased profits. So you would think that the counterintuitive approach used by Cheapcarinsurance.net would hurt business but surprisingly it does the opposite. Their customer base is loyal and ever growing. Anthony says they will continue to use the same approach to both teach and qualify people for cheap insurance so long as they are in business.
SOURCE Cheapcarinsurance.net

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