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Two Chevrolet Corvettes Crash Into Each Other [Video]

I could say I am starting to get tired of the crashes I write about and mostly the car crashes I hear about, since I write only about a few of them.

This time, in case you were wondering, we have two Chevrolet Corvettes, and two very idiot drivers. And I am sorry for my language but I just cannot remain impartial any more.

After patiently waiting for the traffic lights, the two morons driving a C5 and a C6 started racing each other, until, as usual, something went wrong. The driver of the C5 loses control of his vehicle after only a few hundred meters and guess what? Crashes into his C6 friend, managing to ruin both innocent cars. And I wouldn’t give a damn if these two would have decided to race each other somewhere else sometime else, I wouldn’t even care about the cars,even though I usually do. It’s your car, do whatever you want with it. But do not have the nerve to jeopardize every single being around you, from kids to pregnant women or old people who just were unfortunate enough to encounter you. I mean this is somewhere in the U.S. in broad daylight.

I do like though the guy who filmed the video below, he probably saw them earlier in traffic and figured it’s only a matter of time until the two manage to prove to the world their intelectual capacity.

Watch video here.

Source: GTSpirit

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