Citroen slaps attractive 13,950 EUR price tag on C4 Cactus in France

A Citroën representative has recently announced the pricing of C4 Cactus for France.

Julien Montarnal who is in charge of the company’s strategy says that the C4 Cactus will reach dealerships in June and will come with a starting price of 13,950 EUR in France, making it a lot cheaper than the C4 hatchback which starts at 18,850 EUR. Citroën’s CEO Frederic Banzet had said at the recently concluded Geneva Motor Show that the model will be between 10 to 15 percent more affordable than segment rivals.

The model will be offered for a monthly flat rate of just 199 EUR for the base Start trim on a 36-month contract with a limit of 45,000 km. Customers will also have the option of going for other trim levels and at the end of the contract they will have to choose between purchasing the vehicle outright, taking it back to the lessor or signing a new lease for a different car. Citroën plans on offering these “all-in” flat rate contracts in some other European countries as well.

There will also be a “pay-per-use” contract that will require customers to pay a fixed monthly rate that will be lower than the rate applicable for the aforementioned “all-in” contracts. However, the client will have to pay a monthly fee according to the number of kilometers driven.

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