Corvette, America’s longest-running sports car, set for modification

CEO Mary Barra stands with a camouflaged next generation Chevrolet Corvette

The world of supercars is known by makes from across the pond — Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren. The Chevrolet Corvette, America’s longest-running sports car, who is preventing from world domination because of its front-mounted engine is in the incorrect place.

With her announcement that the next-generation Corvette is to be unveiled July 18, General Motors CEO Mary Barra all but confirmed Corvette is about to get a long-awaited upgrade – mid-engine placement that is going to put it in the same league as those European rivals.

Barra, discussing Thursday at a New York event to honor families of first responders killed in 9/11, did not say the engine would be placed behind the driver, but she appeared with a disguised eighth-generation Corvette that has the short nose and long rear of an uncommon mid-engine vehicle.

“We’re not confirming or commenting on the engine even though it’s much speculated,” stated Chevrolet spokeswoman Kelly Cusinato.

Mid-engine placement, considered good enough for racing because it results in better handling, is a foregone conclusion among Corvette aficionados, many of whom are unsteady that, in place of being a front-engine drag racer, the next Corvette is probably going to be more of an international track star.

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