Crashed Tesla Model X Owner In China Asks For $1.1 Million

Tesla Model X crashed in Guangzhou, China

A Tesla Model X owner and her boyfriend in Guangzhou, China, were caught in the 2nd row of her electrical crossover after their driver struck a concrete siderail and a Ford Focus back in February. After hearing exploding battery cells, the two would get out through the front door. It was reportedly at this moment where the Model X burst into flames.

Concerning individual, Tada, is now asking Tesla for 8 million yuan, or over $1.1 million, for reparations, mentioning “serious mental harm” involving recurring nightmares of “being burned to death inside the Tesla Model X” on top of a broken nose, a lots stitches to the lower lip, and a driver who needed to be hospitalized for more than 40 days.

Supposedly, the vehicle was walking around 45 mph when the accident took place. Tesla China is skeptical and refusing to pay Tada. In a translated declaration:

“First off, the lives of the owner and travelers were not threaten [ed]. We are working closely with the department concerned. The circulation of the debris at the site and the damage all show that this was a high-speed crash– in this case, not just electric automobiles, however any automobile can catch on fire. In fact, another car involved in the accident (a fuel-powered vehicle) also caught on fire. Fuel tank fire incidents happen far more frequently than the electrical car fires.

In addition, Tesla has consistently demanded the disclosure and transparency of information, consisting of other information about the incident, such as the owner is asking us for 8 million yuan, and we will not accept.”

Interestingly, disclosure and openness of details might have avoided this incident, as the Model X’s Falcon Wing doors do have an emergency latch found under the speaker covers, but its presence is also found on Page 24 of the owner’s manual, as per a now slightly threatening report from The Drive’s own Alex Roy.

The accidnet is presently being investigated.

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