Daimler to begin its operation in Moscow

The assembly of Mercedes-Benz automobiles at the latest plant in the Moscow area is anticipated to be launched in 2019, as per the deputy chairman of the city government, German Elyanyushkin.

“An agreement was signed with Mercedes at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on the distribution of production in Moscow region. In 2019, when, hopefully, the production starts, it will improve business environment in the Solnechnogorsk district,” he stated on Wednesday.

The authorities included that at the moment such a contract is particularly crucial from a political viewpoint.

The construction of the brand-new plant might start by the end of this year, Vedomosti mentioned its sources as saying.

The Russian Trade Ministry has actually agreed previously this month that German automaker Daimler AG could begin the assembly of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the Esipovo Industrial Park.

Deputy Director of Transportation Vsevolod Babushkin then stated the strategy had actually been approved by the ministry and was awaiting the thumbs-up from the local authorities, adding that the Moscow Region had an interest in the project.

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