Disgruntled Lamborghini owner vents his ire on his car. Hires men to destroy his Gallardo!

March 15 is held as the World consumer Rights Day and is a well known date. It is the best and most appropriate day to express one’s discontent for poor customer service. This is exactly what a consumer from China elected to do with his grouse being directed towards the Lamborghini Gallardo that he owned. His mode of displaying his grouse though has had quite far reaching effects, even as far as Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy.

The owner had completed a routine servicing of his Lamborghini at one of the authorized service centers and thereafter the car failed to function per specifications. He therefore took his protest against this low standard to the people.

People armed with hammers were hired by the owner of the Lamborghini which was placed at the center of Qingdao in China. The people then destroyed the vehicle he owned. His attempt to draw public attention towards the poor response towards consumer rights by the car maker was surely successful. The car was indeed smashed beyond recognition.

Source: carscoop

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