Driving It Safe: How Our Cars Are Protecting Us

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The technological advances of today are going a long way to improve car safety, that much is for certain. There are a whole host of different contraptions that are making the roads as safe as they ever have been. You can find a few of them below.

First of all there is a contraption known as lane-keep assist. Generally it is situated in the rear-view mirror so as to ensure that lanes can be detected on both sides of the road. When a car is drifting into a lane it shouldn’t be in at that particular moment then the lane-keep assist will alert the driver straight away. If a car is on course to deviate into a traffic lane then the driver is alerted promptly thus meaning that safety is improved two-fold. In certain models this technology can even drive the car itself into safety.

And there are other alerts a driver can receive when their safety is put at risk. One such example is  a forward collision warning system. If the system believes a collision is imminent then you better believe it will do all it can to let the driver know. This system works especially well when slower moving or even stationary cars are providing a danger so that the driver can brake or swerve in good time. What this system doesn’t do, however, is brake for the driver and this should always be remembered. Another technological advance that is doing all it can to protect not only the driver of one particular car but all of those who are on road is adaptive headlights. They are an active safety feature that adapt to the conditions that a car is driving in and improve illumination in a way that they see fit. In doing so the likelihood of being blinded by lights that are too bright is diminished whilst still having the lights on.

And even when something does go wrong car manufacturers are still doing all they can to rectify the situation. For instance, Ford recalled nearly 6,000 cars because of malfunctioning airbags in an attempt to protect drivers. That just shows how seriously road protection is being taken in this day and age, and that is only a good thing. But it’s not just car manufacturers that are doing all they can to protect drivers around the world. Those that protect others from the stresses of the aftermath of an accident, such as attorneys that understand the dangers of driving, are also doing all they can to make this zeitgeist a safe one. See notes for more information on what roads you can take when you’ve had a collision on one. Everybody is entitled to claiming back what they are owed, so even if a car doesn’t manage to protect you, the law can.

So, the next time you’re driving in your car try to remember all the cool things it is doing o protect you. And remember, even if you do experience an accident remember there are people out there willing and waiting to help.


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