Electric car left burnt by flames after it set fire while charging

Electric car burnt by flames

An electric vehicle was left totally burnt out after it set on fire while charging.

The automobile was ruined and a nearby building was harmed by smoke in the occurrence.

Photos of the scene reveal the automobile was decreased to a shell by the flames.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service stated the blaze was unintentional.

The vehicle had been left to charge outside an office building. It was during the early hours of Sunday early morning when the fire service got reports that it was on fire.

The fire was put out at around 6.25 am.

The fire service stated: “An electric vehicle which was left on charge outside an office building has been 100% destroyed and caused smoke damage to a building after catching alight.

“Crews were contacted to reports of a vehicle fire this morning (Sunday 9 July) outside an office building.

“On arrival firemens reported that the vehicle was 100% alight which the building it was parked outside was ending up being smoke logged as a result.

“By 6.25 am firemens had extinguish the fire, ventilated the building and made sure that the scene was safe.

“The reason for the fire has been recorded as accidental, and was because of an electrical fault.”

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