Elon Musk’s Vision Consists of New Cars, Car Sharing, and SolarCity Deal

Photos of Tesla models

Tesla CEO Elon Musk released his “master plan part 2” on Wednesday night that revealed a comprehensive vision for his companies including brand-new future Tesla cars, car sharing, urban planning concepts, and a combined SolarCity and Tesla that would offer solar panels and batteries.

Musk, who is the largest shareholder in both Tesla and SolarCity, stressed that the companies should be participated in order to effectively make and offer photovoltaic panels and batteries. Last month, Tesla revealed that it was looking to buy SolarCity for $2.86 billion.

While shareholders initially responded negatively to the deal, causing Tesla’s shares to drop dramatically, in recent weeks Tesla’s stock restored their value, showing financiers might now be more comfy with the merger. Musk informed the Wall Street Journal this week that he anticipates a two-thirds majority to authorize the offer.

Musk likewise stated that the sole reason that the companies weren’t integrated from the start was due to the fact that of “an accident of history”. Musk clarified in a tweet that the firms must have been done under the same corporate umbrella from the beginning.

The post wasn’t simply a merger pitch, but in Musk’s typical grandiose style he checked off the goals and driving forces behind all his business decisions.

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