Ex-Googlers Establish Startup for Autonomous Trucks

Otto self driving trucks

A previous member of Google’s self-driving car team and other Silicon Valley veterans on Tuesday presented a start-up dedicated to self-driving trucks.

Anthony Levandowski and Lior Ron, a fellow “Googler” who was known as top member at Google’s mapping service, stated they established a business called Otto in San Francisco.

Roughly around 40 members of Otto include skill from Alphabet’s Google, Apple, and Tesla, as per a post by Levandowski and Ron.

“We’re a team compromised of the sharpest minds in self-driving technology, and we are committed to reimagining transportation– not just improving it,” the post stated.

Instead of attempting to construct self-driving trucks from the ground up, Otto is gearing up trucks currently on roads with sensing units, software and other technology to take over for human drivers, maybe when they have to sleep during long runs.

“To speed the adoption of self-driving technology, we began by equipping existing trucks on the road with our unique self-driving set, designed to empower truck drivers to drive more safely and efficiently,” the blog post reads.

Otto technology is being checked by a fleet of research trucks in regulated settings on United States highways, with a demo just recently done on a public road, as per the startup.

“It’s time to rethink how we move goods on the road,” Otto co-founders stated.

Google, Tesla and a variety of significant car makers are racing to obtain self-driving automobiles on roadways, however it could be that cargo trucks leave the starting line initially since business are most likely to make more computed and less emotional choices.

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