Expect the Arrival of the BMW 9-Series Soon!

Images of BMW 9 series

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are two luxury German automakers that have always been trying to compete with each other for quite a few years. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, resulting in each having its own fan base. Yet, as for BMW, there are some reports out there that indicate the company is contemplating the idea of launching a new vehicle lineup, namely the 9-Series. It is said that this lineup will be slotted above the highly luxurious 7-Series.

For those who may recall, the German automaker did mention something about a vehicle model that would be even more luxurious than its 7-Series model. BMW mentioned this back in April 2014. It was when the company officially introduced its Vision Future Luxury concept vehicle. At that very moment, BMW claimed that the car would provide a long-term outlook that would represent what modern luxury should be for the brand. Unfortunately, there has yet to be any official confirmation that that concept vehicle will go into the production phase. However, if the concept eventually gets a production green light, it is more than likely that the car will bring along with it the 9-Series moniker.

It is expected that the car will feature an even longer wheelbase when compared to the readily available 7-Series models. Its overall length will seemingly measure no less than 5,500 mm. Taking that into consideration, it seems that the German automaker intends to rival the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class models.

It is also said that the new 9-Series from BMW will most likely feature OLED taillights as well as laser headlamps. However, the B-pillars, which look very interesting on the concept vehicle, will reportedly lose its place for a more conventional version of pillars.

The BMW 9-Series is expected to come out in 2017 and, as reported by the BMWBLOG, Harald Krueger is very fond of the 9-Series. For your information, Krueger is to officially become the German automaker’s CEO from May 2015 onwards. With that being said, we can all expect the company to actually launch the new flagship model mentioned above to rival the Maybach brand which has been resurrected by Daimler.

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