Audi to Show Off New Matrix Laser Headlamps at CES

The upcoming 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event is an event which is highly anticipated by a lot of people, especially those car enthusiasts out there. After all, the event is bound to be attended by a number of highly credible automakers from all around the globe. Among these automakers is one from Germany, Audi. The company will reportedly be bringing its latest matrix laser headlamp technology to the said event.

Just for information, the luxury German automaker in question has recently introduced its matrix laser headlamp technology to the global market, along with the release of the company’s R8 LMX. Yet, speaking of the new technology that it will introduce at the upcoming CES, details remain quite scarce as of now but there will surely be some improvements over the current technology.

Besides the new and advanced matrix laser headlamp technology, the highly luxurious German automaker will also be showing off new display and operating control concepts that will come with its Q7 model. Based on the claim made by the German company, these new technologies will prove to be no less than ‘revolutionary’. Besides the Audi Q7, visitors to the 2015 CES event can also expect to see the next generation Audi R8 LMX, Audi RS7 Sportback and also the Audi TT Roadster come January 6, 2015.

Also, Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi’s technical development board member, and Ricky Hudi, Audi’s electronics development head, will both hold a press conference during the 2015 CES event. In this press conference, both men will introduce Audi’s latest works in the fields of displays, user controls, piloted driving and also the Audi Connect technology.

Last but not least, the company will also be holding the Audi Tech Talk event where the public will be treated with detailed overview of the things being worked on by the Audi Technical Development division. The public will be fed all this information right from the experts themselves.

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