Volkswagen GT Up! to Debut in May 2015

Images of Volkswagen UP!

Some reports have showed up on the web very recently and these reports suggest that the German automaker, Volkswagen (VW), is planning to launch a turbocharged version of its Up! come May 2015. The company will reportedly showcase the final production version of the GT Up! concept vehicle it previewed some time earlier.

For those who might not have attended the Frankfurt Motor Show event back in the year 2011, back then, the German automaker brought five concepts of the aforementioned vehicle model altogether to the said event. Among these five VW Up! concepts was the GT version, which looked more potent. The GT variant shown during the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show event packed an engine capable of delivering 100 hp of power output. In addition to that, the car shown back then weighed in at only 900 kg. This GT variant of the VW Up! has always looked pretty promising, even from the very moment the German company showed it to the world for the first time ever. Unfortunately, the vehicle has yet to enter the production stage.

This time, however, it seems that things are about to change. As reported by quite a few German media out there, Volkswagen will eventually make its debut in May 2015. It will be known as the VW Up! Turbo in its final production version. For the sake of performance, the car will boast a 1.0L TSI engine turbocharged engine with three cylinders. This is the engine that VW implants on the facelifted version of the Polo as well. The engine is most likely to be manufactured in Sao Paulo, Brazil, so as to cut costs. VW will be pairing the engine with a 5-speed manual transmission and power will be delivered to the front wheels of the vehicle. Owners of the upcoming VW Up! Turbo will also be able to fill their engine with ethanol and they can expect to get a peak power output of 100 hp.

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