This Aventador Battling Lightning Strike Is Cool

There have been quite a decent number of photos available on the World Wide Web pages depicting the Lamborghini Aventador sparking its flames. As a matter of fact, this has become some sorts of common photos to be found on the web. However, this one looks very unique. Unlike most other photos of the Italian raging bull sparking its exhaust flames against other vehicles, this one battles against a lightning strike instead. Thanks to the Marcel Lech photography, we can all display a very cool Aventador wallpaper on our computer desktop now.

For those who may not have heard before, the exotic Italian automaker has made a claim that with the Aventador, the company has eventually figured out how to make good use of fire that has always been troubling those supercars in existence out there for decades. According to Lamborghini, it can make the V12 engine of the Aventador spit flames by taking advantage of precise ECU command to throw unburned gas into the hot exhaust pipes of the vehicle.

Well, Lamborghini and its Aventador are not alone here, though. Another automaker that can also do exactly the same thing is McLaren, with its 12C vehicle model. Whereas the stock machines can only spit such flames every now and then, those that have received aftermarket modifications never seem to miss doing such stunts every single time.

For those supercar owners out there that want their vehicles to spit such cool flames, they can always spend their cash on those aftermarket exhaust pipes available out there. However, there is one very important thing to keep in mind here. There are not few of these aftermarket exhaust pipes that do not warrant the safety of their buyers at all. As a result, those who buy these custom exhaust pipes may often end up in undesired accidents. Take a look at the photo for yourself.

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