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Facts You Didn’t Know About Car Insurance

Most drivers think they have a reasonable grasp of insurance companies and how they work. However, there are lots of interesting facts about car insurance that could blow your mind. We’re going to publish some of them on this page today alongside an excellent infographic. Make sure you take a look at it to learn more before clicking away.


  • Most expensive motor trade insurance claim ever


Believe it or not, the most expensive motor trade insurance claim ever is said to have cost around £50,000,000! There aren’t too many details about the case listed online as you would probably imagine. However, there have been many similar instances in which insurance firms have had to pay big bucks.


  • Average cost of car insurance for individuals


The average cost of a standard car insurance package now stands at just under £672  in the UK. Motor trade insurance costs are a little higher averaging around £1,200. Most people pay less than that, but young drivers help to raise the average.


  • Cheapest car insurance group


Surprisingly, ladies in their early sixties pay less than anyone else for car insurance in the UK. The same is true in the US according to online specialists. Females aged between 61 and 65 pay an average of £312 per year.
If you want to learn more interesting facts about car insurance (especially motor trade cover), take a moment to check the graphic. It contains lots of information that should help you to understand the concept and how it works.

Infographic Designed To help find cheap cover for new starts

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