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Car Insurance

Make Car Insurance Claims in the Best Possible Way

Do you love to drive and prefer to cover farthest of distance by driving down? Yes! Then you must choose your car insurance with utmost care, as getting encountered with an accident may cost you a fortune. Many people ignore several crucial factors while selecting their car insurance policy to save some money, this results in various troubles at the time of claim. At the time of taking insurance, understand the whole process of making a claim. In case of an accident, you must be aware of proper steps to be taken to make a claim against your car insurance. For your quick reference, following are the highlighting points about making the claim:

  • Action required taking just after the accident – move your car to a safer location as soon as possible after meeting with an accident.
  •  Call Police – Immediately make a call to police, even if there is no serious injury. A police complaint is considered as one of the major aspects, which an insurance investigating official will look for while assessing your car insurance claim.
  • Gather related information – collect all the relevant details regarding the accident. This information will be required at the time of filing of the claim. To make the car insurance claim process speedy you must have all the documents and pictures ready.
  • Pertinent information to be gathered – photographs of the accident scene, other driver’s photo with theirs and your license plates, damages done to both the vehicles, directions in which the vehicles were moving and traffic signals. Do not forget to exchange your contact and insurance company’s details with the other driver.

The process of claiming your car insurance

The first step to claim your car insurance is to make a call to your company. The insurance company will guide the whole process and ask you to make ready all the required documents. Just after the filing of the claim, a representative from the insurance company will contact you to get the details. Afterward, the car insurance company will review and evaluate the claim. As the final step, they will carry out a proper assessment and process the claim as soon as possible.
Having a police report is a must, but in case you do not have one, it will increase the efforts required and delay the process of getting the claim. In this case, you must have all the important information written properly and each related photograph available with you.

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