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First photos: Gemballa Mistrale based on Porsche Panamera

Gemballa MistraleGerman Porsche tuner Gemballa is working on their own version of the four-door Porsche Panamera called Mistrale.

There are no details on the performance upgrades, but we can show you first pictures of what the extreme version of Panamera will look like.

Mistrale gets a new front bumper with a carbon fiber lip to increase downforce and improve handling. Larger air intakes(also on the bonnet) are a sign that Gemballa engineers will tweak the engine for more power.

On the rear we can see an integrated rear diffuser and quad tailpipes. On the sides are big air outlets to cool down the brakes.

Gemballa Mistrale rides on huge lightweight 22-inch wheels and we expect it to take the Porsche Panamera performance to a whole new level. Stay tuned for more details!

Update! Gemballa has confirmed that it will offer performance enhancements up to 750 hp for different serial engines.

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