Florida inmates help police rescue Florida baby locked in car

florida inmates rescue child

A group of work-release inmates in Florida assisted to rescue a 1-year-old baby that was accidentally locked in a car.

The parents could not afford a locksmith after the father of the baby locked the keys in their SUV on Valentine’s Day, Pasco County Sheriff’s Office representative Kevin Doll informed NBC News. Deputies responded to the scene, where it was 56 degrees outside, and observed the couple’s daughter seemed to be comfortable in a car seat.

A few minutes later, NBC News reported the father informed the deputies he was going to crush the front door driver window. But a crew of trusties fixing parking lot medians nearby provided heir skills. 

Deputies informed the dad to “pop his head in the window” so “strange faces” would not scare the baby. Another person in this video by mother Shadow Lantry can be heard stating on the “hilarious situation,” with deputies watching the crew wearing black-and-white stripes unlock the vehicle. 

The crew pried open the front door long enough for one inmate to press the electronic door lock with a coat hanger. It took about two minutes before the group rejoiced. 

After this all, the parents thanked the crew, deputies and firefighters for their assistance, finding their baby crying and sucking on a pacifier inside the vehicle. 

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