Footage of Supercar Audi R8 crash released, driver and passenger died

car crash audi r8 investigated

Video of a supercar speeding at 200 miles per hour prior to the crash, which killed the two people inside, has been revealed.

Footage from inside the Audi R8 views it speeding along a motorway, overtaking few vehicles as the speedometer continues to increase.

However apparently minutes after the $317,200 automobile’s high speed drive, the supercar was seen crushed on the side of the motorway.

The driver and the passenger were apparently thrown from the vehicle, dying at the scene.

In the initial video, an individual can be heard asking how quickly the vehicle is going as it zips past other vehicles.

At one stage, the vehicle swerves to the right to overtake a 4WD, soon relocating to the left side of the motorway and overtaking numerous other automobiles in Liujiang, China’s Anhui province.

The automobile continued to speed up as it swerved between the cars.

Rihanna’s Diamonds can be also heard playing on the radio.

However the high speed experience developed into tragedy, with the windows of the super car smashed out, with the empty husk of the car left scattered throughout the road on January 28.

The wreckage was taped off by cops after the crash.

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