Ford F-150 Obtains LED Strobe Warning Lights [Video]

Ford is making strobe caution LED light kit available to F-150 fleet clients, as long as they promise to only utilize them on or near a work site.

The function of the strobe light kit is suggested for road building and municipal crews that require better exposure, in addition to for cautioning motorists that employees might be present in the nearby location.

The light kit is readily available for all 2016 F-150 models, having actually previously been offered only on the F-Series Super Task. It consists of weather-resistant resilient low-power LEDs and as per Ford, it’s particularly designed to deal with the F-150’s powerful strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body.

In order to finish a purchase, clients are required to offer a fleet identification number. As soon as purchased, the strobe lights can be serviced at any of the 3,000 + Ford dealers across the country in the United States.

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