Ford GT successor rumored to be in the works

Rumors about the GT being brought back by its American makers started doing the rounds soon after the LeMans event where two Ford GTs made their appearance. The thinking was that Ford would be requiring some car to fill in their lineup of Supercars. Interviews with the top brass at Ford have added further substance to these rumors.

Automobile Magazine posed a query upon Derrick Kuzak during a dinner event at the Detroit Auto Show. The poser that the magazine gave “Is Ford interested in a successor to the GT?” was met with an awkward silence from the head of the Ford’s global product development section and then some wishy washy response.

The political world and the auto world are known to be extremely wary and secretive about their responses to any questions. Kuzak therefore took his time to reply: “Well I think there are certain things that we don’t want to talk about in terms of four-year product plans, if that’s okay.” This was pickled with the response from the Ford president and CEO, Alan Mulally when he said, “All I know is, if the ground is wet, they don’t let me drive it. That vehicle levitates.”

It is from these responses that the assumption of something cooking in the Ford kitchen has come to be established as a fact. So lets for something more concrete to emerge from the Ford camp.

Source: topspeed

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