Ford Motor disagrees with Trump immigration ban

Mark Fields

Ford Motor on Monday stated they disagree President Donald Trump’s heavily debated immigration order, turning into one of the highest profile U.S. automaker to question the decision to momentarily ban travelers coming from 7 nations.

The leader of Goldman Sachs likewise criticized the order and FedEx and UPS stated they were reviewing its effect. The chief of Tesla has stated he would ask members of a business advisory council to come up with prospective changes to suggest to the White House.

Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. and CEO Mark Fields said to workers that the automaker does not support what it called a new U.S. travel ban.

“We do not support this policy or any other that breaks our values as a business,” they stated, including that Ford is not aware of any workers directly affected by the policy.

Ford’s declaration came the exact same day that Goldman Sachs Group President Lloyd Blankfein became the first significant Wall Street chief to inform he did not support the immigration ban.

Fields met with Trump two times recently to discuss financial issues. Ford was targeted by Trump throughout the campaign for moving specific car production to Mexico, but he has praised the automaker for revealing new U.S. investments.

General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Group, Toyota Motor and Honda Motor have refused to comment on the immigration ban.

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