Ford S-MAX Concept unveiled at IAA

Ford is previewing the second generation S-MAX with an attractive concept at the 65th edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.

Around the world, MPVs are not among the most preferred cars by the car lovers but Ford is trying its best to change that perception with the very appealing S-MAX concept. Serving as a preview for the second-gen people-carrier, the concept features sweptback LED headlights, a high-mounted Aston Martin-inspired front grille, a raked front windscreen, several metallic accents, a curved roof line and muscular fenders.

The concept has good safety features as well which include Intelligent Protection System that can detect pedestrians and automatically apply the brakes in case of an imminent collision, along with Dual-View Display that allows the driver to receive relevant info while the front passenger can watch something else from the same center console at the same time.

In terms of the interiors, the cabin is suitable for four- to seven-seat configurations and also comes with a high-positioned instrument panel covered in ultra-soft leather wrap, as well as an imitation of carbon fiber on the seats.

Unconfirmed but there are chances that the second generation of the S-MAX will come out next year 2014.

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