Ford to cut production of F-series and other models as demand slows

In the fresh as well as updated sign of the pressure on the U.S. automakers, the Ford Motor on Monday mentioned that it will shut down the production of their best-selling of F-150 of the pickup truck for the week at the Kansas City which is assembly plant, and it is temporarily idle for three different plants over next weeks.

Approximately, 13,000 Ford in hourly workers would also be laid from during temporary shutdowns. Possibly, there are about 14,000 workers for four plants, company mentioned. A few of these are also salaried managers. For the layoffs, approx 4,000 would also be in Mexico and 9,000 in United States. Here, cuts would also hit the 3 greatest models of volume for Ford in United States.

However, F-150 is best-selling kind of the vehicle model for North America, when Ford in 2nd quarter derived with the 90 percent for their profit, and also F-150 is now the main profit-maker for the Ford. Though, sales of overall F-series have now pickup model line that fell about 3 per cent during September. The Ford dealers also had some heavy supply of 95 days of pickups on the lots during September end, as per the data which is compiled by the Automotive News.

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