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Ford and General Motors

General Motors and Ford agree to settle suit over use of ‘BlueCruise’ name

General Motors and Ford Motor have agreed to settle a legal fight concerning Ford’s use of the name “BlueCruise” for its hands-free driving technology.

In a notice filed in court on Friday, both automakers said they are in the “process of settling all claims and counterclaims at issue.” A judge agreed to reject the suit on condition the automakers finalize a settlement within 60 days. No other details were released.

A Ford spokesman said the settlement has not been finalized but said the automaker will keep using the BlueCruise name “as we do today for F-150 and Mustang Mach-E and next for the 2022 Expedition”.

GM said both automakers have resolved the case and similar proceedings amicably. At this time, we have no further comment.

In July, GM and its Cruise robo-taxi subsidiary filed a lawsuit against Ford to stop it from using the name BlueCruise.

“Ford knew what it was doing,” GM said in the lawsuit, while Ford had rejected the lawsuit as meritless.

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