General Motors moves over 1,350 temporary employees to full-time jobs

General Motors

General Motors stated on Wednesday that over 1,350 hourly workers at its assembly plants in the United States will move into full-time jobs in the first quarter of 2020.

The employees are from 14 General Motors production facilities located in Michigan, Indiana, New York, Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas and Kentucky, the company stated.

“We are excited to welcome these workers as regular, full-time team members,” said Gerald Johnson, GM’s executive vice president of Global Manufacturing. “Our workers are important in meeting the needs of our customers, so providing these team members with an improved career-path forward has numerous benefits. From health and safety to building high-quality products for our clients, it takes all of us working together to build a stronger future.”

The full-time status will provide the workers with better medical benefits, company contributions to their retirement plans or the 401(k), and profit-sharing and also life insurance coverage.

The automaker and labor union United Auto Workers (UAW) reached a deal in October after a five-week nationwide strike that pushed for higher wages and better benefits for temporary workers who earned less than permanent UAW workers.

“Today’s announcement affirms GM’s continuing commitment to a strong U.S. manufacturing base,” added Johnson.

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