Genesis Won’t Launch in Europe Until 2020

Genesis, Hyundai’s newly-formed high-end brand is not going to launch in Europe till 2020, as per a new report from Automotive News Europe. Speaking at the Automotive News Europe Congress on Wednesday, Thomas Schmid, Hyundai Europe’s chief operation officer stated that launching a premium brand is an obstacle in Europe, and an even bigger one if the right produces for a specific market isn’t there. Schmid continued by stating that Genesis won’t be in Europe till after 2019 due to the fact that they require various powertrain options.

At first, Genesis will be offered North America, China, the Middle East, and South Korea, which is rapidly turning into a crucial market for premium automakers however is presently dominated by European brand names like Mercedes-Benz and Audi. In addition to varied powertrain choices, Schmid informed Automotive News Europe that Genesis likewise needs its SUVs to be successful in Europe and will wait till the new automaker’s lineup has broadened past the initial two cars.

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